The area of protected mobile shelters is the centrepiece of our company. Wherever the customised design of a mobile functional space is required, we come into play as a manufacturer. Together with our customers all over the world, we develop mobile solutions for special conditions in rooms or shelters. Rhein-Tec's flexibility and technical expertise make us a reliable partner for well-known large system integrators and highly specialised technology companies.
One of the focal points of the Mobile Systems division is the realisation of state-of-the-art mobile communication systems. Here, our shelters are used as classic telecommunication cabins in various sizes up to command posts. All our shelters can be operated on the ground and can be adapted to almost all vehicles and ships. In addition to being used exclusively as communication shelters, our shelters are also used as drone control centres and for state-of-the-art radar systems and UAVs as ground control stations or command posts for air defence systems. 
Mobile tactical operationcenters
Our mobile tactical operations centers are designed to respond to military tactical situations quickly. They provide a rapidly deployable protection solution that facilitates decision-making and coordination in combat.
This military solution is designed for speed. Our tactical operations centers are easily transportable, quickly deployable and offer a “plug and play” design. They are fully modular, allow different configurations and are compatible with NATO transport vehicles. Depending on requirements, light and fast moving or ballistic protected variants can be supplied.
Mobile control center for drones and autonomous weapon systems

For the control of sea, air and land drones as well as autonomous aircraft and sea vehicles, our company develops armored light and armored heavy control and steering centers.

There is space for a total of 4 workstations in the corresponding bays.

The control centers can operate completely autonomously and can be supplied with all the computer-aided systems and equipment required on request 

Universal shelters and device carriers

Our company develops various armored and unarmored technology shelters specifically for military use.

The shelter is so universally designed that it can be used for a wide range of applications, e.g. in communications and telecommunications.

The unprotected systems are made of aluminum, for the armored version we use armox 440T or armox 500T armored steel

The aluminum shelters can also be optionally equipped with integrated or adaptive ballistic protection.

The shelters can also be equipped with an NBC protective ventilation system.

If the maintenance and care intervals are observed and handled properly, the shelters are designed for a service life of over 20 years due to their construction and design.

Uses include

  • Communication cabin
  • Command post
  • Ground control station
  • Relay station
  • Weather station
  • Server station

Our shelters can be operated both on a vehicle and on the ground. Individual configuration options of the aluminum shelters for vehicle-based use guarantee a high degree of flexibility and operational readiness.

The shelters are available in various standard dimensions. Customer-specific dimensions and designs are also possible.


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